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Pippa Kerr BSc. PGDip. MSc. MRCSLT.
Speech and Language Therapist

Pippa is a native English-speaking Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) who works with children and adults with speech, language and/or communication difficulties.

Pippa is listed on the INAMI register for Speech and Language therapists practicing in Belgium. She is non-conventionné (minimal reimbursements for some clients with assurance complementaire through the Belgian Mutuale).

The role of a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) is to assess and treat speech, language and communication problems in people of all ages to enable them to communicate to the best of their ability. They may also work with people who have eating and swallowing problems.

Using specialised skills the SLT works directly with the client and provides support to them and their carers.

SLTs also work closely with teachers and health professionals including doctors, nurses and psychologists.

SLTs assist children and adults who have the following types of problems:

- Difficulty producing and using speech
- Difficulty understanding language
- Difficulty using language
- Difficulty with feeding, chewing or swallowing
- A stammer
- A voice problem

SLTs also work with individuals who may experience the following problems:

- Pervasive Developmental disorders
- Stroke
- Learning disability
- Physical disability
- Neurological disorders e.g. Parkinsonís disease
- Cancer of the mouth and throat
- Head injury
- Hearing loss and deafness
- Cleft palate
- Dementia
- Psychiatric disorders

Therapy services offered by Pippa from this Brussels therapy clinic include:

- Speech and/or Language Assessments in English

- Ongoing direct therapeutic intervention for people with different types of communication difficulty.

- School liaison, Pippa has close connections with International School of Brussels (ISB), British English Primary School (BEPS), European School of Brussels in Uccle, British Junior Academy of Brussels (BJAB).

- Liaison with psychologists and other educators

- Strong emphasis on joint working with parents/teachers and other communication partners


Contact: Pippa Kerr

Phone: +32 2 735 4108 (Tue/Wed/Thur)

Mobile: +32 478 77 35 99

Email: pippa@letscommunicate.eu


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